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Acadmics and Credentials:
I have recently completed a degree in education and special education grades one through six.  I am certified in theatre education K - 12, Career and Technical Education - Performing Arts.

Spring 2019 - Volunteer Teaching with Citizen Schools - Romeo and Juliet

I am teaching at a school where there is a lot of support for students who are working with Shakespeare for the first time.  We are now going into our third week of class and are working on the Prologue from Romeo and Juliet.  Last week students read through the Prologue and we made a list of words that students would like to know more about.  This week I am bringing in first letters from each of the words and we will work on entrenching students with the sounds of the letters and words for expressive sounds.

Spring 2019 - Assistant Teacher Position

The school where I am an assistant teacher is a school for children living with autism.  I am assigned mostly to a classroom for students age 9 to 12.  The teacher who I work for when asked allowed me to test a read - aloud of an over view of Midsummer Nights Dream along with an activity on one of Pucks speech about transforming into animals and fire.  I wrote the lessons based on the book Shakespeare's Heartbeat by Kelly Hunter.  Currently I am planning to give two more lessons in practicing the activity of transforming to animals.  Students who are verbal will speak the line along with the movement and students who are non-verbal will be prompted to do a selected movement with assistance from a teaching assistant.

Fall 2018

    Shakespeare after school continues through Citizen Schools implementing Shakespeare in 10 afternoons leading to presenting a scene along with other after school presenters.  Our class worked with the Citizen Schools teacher to focus students on the plot of Midsummer Nights Dream, then we worked through the text of the scene with the teens in the woods and students created thier own scene using thier own words.  This week we share the scene, that was recorded and we will talk about how students came up with ideas from what is in Shakespeare's play and how he places the scene to thier own version.
       Spring 2018

    A scene from 'Midsummer Nights Dream' was presented along with after school activities, and afterwards we had presentations.  Thank you to Citizen Schools for our Shakespeare class and I will look forward to teaching in the fall through Citizen Schools.
       Fall 2017

    Student Teaching: Letter Pillows for Teaching Vocabulary from Midsummer Nights Dream Grades 1 through 3

    Long Term Teaching Assignment in Teaching High School
 I am teaching a long term assignment high school and would like to share a little about the great experience that I have had.  First - Here is the space.  It's a very mobile stage and I chose to put the rake in front of the platform so that I could teach a little theater history in preparation for Midsummer Nights Dream. 

Spring 2017 Teaching Apprenticeship with Citizen Schools

I have just completed a co - teaching along with a Citizen Schools fellow a teaching apprenticeship on teaching Shakespeare for 6th grade students and the 21st Century skill that is the focus is Oral Communication through the spring with focus on Shakespeare Acting, which Citizen Schools named "Shakespeare in Brooklyn".  Along with studying Shakespeare, Midsummer Nights Dream and the scene "Pyramus and Thisbe".

Thank you to Garden School for an enriching summer.  Here is a quote from one of the administrators from the school, "Your choices this summer were perfect...The most important part of any discipline in the camp program is that campers go home excited and talking about the program...and that is exactly what happened."

Here are some of the set pieces and props that we used

Twelfth Night Boat

Props an Fairie Wings for Midsummer Nights Dream

Drama through Literature at Garden School Spring 2016

This is a prop for Alice in Wonderland our literature we based our devised scenes on

End of the Year Show in Elementary School for School Year 2015 - 2016

This is a costume for Peter Pan, the 2nd and 3rd grade scene presented for the 
end of the year show


Practicum in Gifted and Talented Education at Teachers College.  Here is a photo that the cooperating classroom teacher took of me in his classroom teaching a warm up in his class on teaching sonnets to 9th grade students.


Previous PresentationPoster Presenter - Harvard University for the Educational Bodies Conference at Harvard University

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