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June 2022
Updated Hunter Heartbeat Midsummer Nights Dream Promotional Video - Explanation of Shakespeare Sports approach to Hunter Heartbeat and Scenes from our Midsummer Nights Dream

March 2022
HAPPY WORLD THEATRE DAY!!! Glad to be among the list of Creative Learning Grantees to bring theatre to schools and communities in NYC.

Many thanks for the grant.  The grant of $2,000.00 will go to pay for artist fees.  We at Shakespeare Sports are very grateful for the grant and have enjoyed the process of bringing Hunter Heartbeat adapted Shakespeare for children and young adults to schools and communities.

Here is the cast of Midsummer Nights Dream.  Scenes are taught and students also enjoy scenes from our recorded show for learning the games from the play.

November 2021 Thank you to Sparkidz and Dr. Bobbi for bringing Shakespeare Sports for our first in person show, Midsummer Nights Dream.  Here are photos from after the show with the cast.

2021 Wrap-up 

Very grateful this year and so thankful to Lower Manhattan Cultural Center and NYC Cultural Affairs for the Creative Learning grant for our proposed interactive shows and workshops for interactive Hunter Heartbeat inspired theatre for neurodiverse populations with adapted Shakespeare's Pericles.  The funding went to artists fees.  Thank you to the cast of Pericles who gave some insight as I was working with prompting and also grateful to my son, Nathan who played along with us as we recorded our shows in final rehearsal.  So grateful to organizations and schools who allowed me volunteer to bring in our cast and and with classes and after schools.  Many many thanks.  We look forward to playing again with organizations.

Spring 2020 - Acceptance to Applied Shakespeare Graduate Certificate Program

I have be working towards goals on Shakespeare in Schools and Community spaces and when I found Applied Shakespeare program I looked and read about it and not only does it work with teachers and artists and people who love Shakespeare on goals that are in alignment with interpreting and performing and teaching the works of Shakespeare in schools and community spaces, which is what I have been working towards, it is also online, which is so convenient for continuing my life here at home. Here is the email that I was sent.  First online class is Friday 1/17/2020.

Spring 2019 - Volunteer Teaching with Citizen Schools - Romeo and Juliet - Here is our class display for the reception after the WOW presentation.  Students shared the chorus speech and one student performed the balcony monologue.

Teaching language of Romeo and Juliet:We are now going into our third week of class and are working on the Prologue from Romeo and Juliet.  Last week students read through the Prologue and we made a list of words that students would like to know more about.  This week I am bringing in first letters from each of the words and we will work on entrenching students with the sounds of the letters and words for expressive sounds.

CITIZEN SCHOOLS THANK YOU for Volunteer Teaching 2018
I am now finding that Citizen Schools gave me a MAYORAL SERVICE AWARD for this past year's work 

Fall 2018

    Shakespeare after school continues through Citizen Schools implementing Shakespeare in 10 afternoons leading to presenting a scene along with other after school presenters.  Our class worked with the Citizen Schools teacher to focus students on the plot of Midsummer Nights Dream, then we worked through the text of the scene with the teens in the woods and students created thier own scene using thier own words.  This week we share the scene, that was recorded and we will talk about how students came up with ideas from what is in Shakespeare's play and how he places the scene to thier own version.

       Spring 2018

    A scene from 'Midsummer Nights Dream' was presented along with after school activities, and afterwards we had presentations.  Thank you to Citizen Schools for our Shakespeare class and I will look forward to teaching in the fall through Citizen Schools.
       Fall 2017

    Student Teaching: Letter Pillows for Teaching Vocabulary from Midsummer Nights Dream Grades 1 through 3
    Long Term Teaching Assignment in Teaching High School
      This spring semester I am teaching a long term assignment high school and would like to share a little about the great experience that I have had.  First - Here is the space.  It's a very mobile stage and I chose to put the rake in front of the platform so that I could teach a little theater history in preparation for Midsummer Nights Dream. 

Spring 2017 Teaching Apprenticeship with Citizen Schools

I have just completed a co - teaching along with a Citizen Schools fellow a teaching apprenticeship on teaching Shakespeare for 6th grade students and the 21st Century skill that is the focus is Oral Communication through the spring with focus on Shakespeare Acting, which Citizen Schools named "Shakespeare in Brooklyn".  Along with studying Shakespeare, Midsummer Nights Dream and the scene "Pyramus and Thisbe".

Thank you to Garden School for an enriching summer.  Here are some of the set pieces and props that we used

Twelfth Night Boat

Props an Fairie Wings for Midsummer Nights Dream


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