Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 30, 2018
Thanks for stopping by!  I'm Carrie and this is my artistic and teaching blog.  As a means to let you know a little about myself, here is my story of how I started starting building on my theatre skills as a teenager:

'All the world is a stage' and everyone has thier story.

My story is that I always wanted to be on stage from a very young age but was very shy and found auditioning very difficult in school and as I was developing my sense of self through school I participated in theater when ever the opportunity presented itsself.  This is the story of my first cast that I collaboratively formed and it lasted for about a year and a half and prompted me to study Theatre Arts in the undergraduate program at San Francisco State University.

It really wasn't until I moved to San Francisco as a 16 year old and when I was starting to ask about theatre classes in my high school and I found out that there was no theatre class that I decided to go, with permission, to the local midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show which was playing at the Strand Theatre, which was there at that time.

Here is a photo of one of our cast who played Columbia and another photo of the line that stretched down the block of people waiting for our midnight show on a Halloween night.  A note about this photo: it is about a year into our collaboration.

My first trip to Rocky Horror what I saw was few people who were performing in front of the screen were there weekly, (only a person playing Dr. Frank n Furter and Columbia) but only a few were performing roles in front of the screen.  I heard that the Berkeley cast was fully costumed and even had several set pieces like the tank and the motorcycle and all costume pieces.  I decided to start going to Rocky Horror weekly and since I liked the role of Magenta decided to take her part since there wasn't anyone else doing the role.

From that time I went weekly and along with the people who were doing their roles weekly, we started recruiting others to take roles and we started planning sessions.  Our cast formed fairly quickly and it changed how I spent my teenage weekends from going to clubs to having a place to go each weekend and a project to plan.

What really helped to form more of a cast was adding costumes and props so that we could recreate the world in Rocky Horror.  We never had the large set pieces and set that Berkeley had, but the costumes. props and makeup really made a difference and we played the reality of the set pieces that were not on stage, even if they were not there.

How lucky was I to find a cast where we could work collaboratively, funnel our creativity into one place and one could call it, a fully youth produced piece of multi-media theatre.

My takeaway from the experience and the connection that I make from being a collective with teenagers who were producing was that if there was a reason that I wanted to produce theater or a class that I wanted to teach and that opportunity was not available or presenting itsself to me then it was my responsibility to organize and find away to organize it either by myself or collaboratively.

After this experience I did find training that I needed and sometimes I was included along with anothers' vision and am so glad that I have had those experiences as well, as it is essential to receive training and to be a part of plan.  However, being given a gift of learning about collaborating is the ultimate.