Sunday, March 10, 2013

This blog contains artistic and teaching learning experiences that I have learned as a teacher and a theater teaching artist for grades K - 12.  

I am certified to teach theater K - 12, am working on my degree in special education and completed the work towards an extension on Gifted and Talented Education.  I also like to include speech and voice as well as the teaching of reading and writing in drama.  My primary interest is in teaching Literature and Shakespeare through Drama as well as Theater for Social Change.  

If you would like to view my educational portfolio, geared for schools, which contains lesson plans and work samples for theater education projects, please contact me and I will send you a link by email.

Photo 1:First Folio shown at workshop for teachers with English Speakers Union
Photo 2: Lines of Shakespeare's text prepared for gesture exercise from one of Shakespeare's plays
Photo 3: Vowel Phonetic Pillows 'fresh off the presses', made by Be La Roe