Mission Statement Shakespeare Sports Theatre Company is at it’s heart a theatre company dedicated to bringing the works of William Shakespeare to urban audiences in the spirit of the intentions of William Shakespeare the playwright. Based upon First Folio text as a foundation, our productions are rooted in Shakespeare and his source materials and the context that he wrote his plays in. Seeing Shakespeare as a man who witnessed the formation of America, Shakespeare Sports also aims to bring to our audiences the connection of the information that Shakespeare’s plays carry through to our life and times of how we as Americans view what Shakespeare saw from his life and times through creating theatre on the other side of the rainbow of our ancestors creating America.


Hamlet, directed by Michael Hagins.  
Our show closed and thank you to everyone who saw our show.  It was a dream of a lifetime to produce a show at Clemente Soto Velez Educational Center

                       Interview with Jay Michaels and Rodney Hakim Cast of Pericles

Hamlet on Zoom 
directed by Michael Hagins 

Here is our REVIEW

Hamlet at Los Kabaytos Theatre August 2020
Hamlet at Clemente is on 'Pause' due to the Corona Crisis and 
we are rescheduling for 2021 when the Los Kabaytos Theatre is available.

2019 Two Gentlemen of Verona

Cast (in Alphabetical order)

Jeffrey Copelan
Pantino, Sir Thurio
Ramon Guzman
Byron Hagan
Carrie Isaacman
Lucetta, Outlaw 1
Adam Joesten
Outlaw 2
Mary J. Price
Joe Crow Ryan
Duke, Host
Stephanay Slade
Roger Stude
Launce, Outlaw 3
Matthew Tiemstra
Speed, Sir Eglamour

Artistic Support (in Alphabetical Order)

Carrie Isaacman
Fight Director
Michael Hagins
Vocal Coach
Tom Giordano
Donna Stearns
Jay Michaels Arts and Entertainment

The Production and Cast would like to thank the following organizations without support the production would not have been as full:
Rehearsal Space at: Players Theatre, Ripley Grier, Champion Studios
Beth for Transportation
Donna Stearns for Composition: Contact Donna Stearns to use “Who is Silvia?” 
at 917-856-0635 or
More Shakespeare Songs are available for purchase at


2019 The Tempest at The Brick

Photo Credit: Face It Foto Basil Rodericks

2018 As You Like It 

There is a lot of music in As You Like It.  Here is a link to one of the song's from the 2018 production at Players Theatre, composed by Melanie Gretchen,
"Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind"

'The production provided one of the most authentic performances of English Renaissance theatre we’ve ever seen, with the aforementioned scrolls not only present on the stage, but highlighted by the actors as they waited for their cues, read their lines and anticipated each others’ entrances.' 
Andrew Andrews,

Review for 'As You Like It'

Stephanay Slade as Rosalind

A staged reading co - produced by myself and Diana Brown 
with an AEA agreement at Aurora Theater Company in Berkeley with myself, Dorian Lockett, Danielle Felguth, Clara Lovelace and Dax Wentwoth Pierson, 
Funny As A Crutch by Rich Orloff and Rehab Follies by Micheala Goldhaber, 
directed by Michaela Goldhaber

Timon of Athens
Fast forward to around 2009 or so.  Photo of cast for a staged reading of Timon of Athens that I directed for Shakespeare Saturdays. It was my first time directing adults in the text. 


Miranda and Ferdinand -The Tempest with Kings County Shakespeare 2002


Here are headshots taken during my first year after my Master of Arts in Acting .

Photographer: Deborah Lopez
2000 Pericles
'clear and moving and each unlikely turn' 
James A. Lopata OOBR 


Before I moved to NYC I was cast as Celia in As You Like It
with African American Shakespeare Company.


California Shakespeare Festival - 
Twelfth Night, Apprentice Show

After Graduation from my Undergraduate program I was cast to play Julia in Two Gentlemen of Verona directed by Kate Kennedy and the next year I was cast as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet directed by Mark Staley in Sonoma, two once in a life time roles. 
Photo 1 is of me as Julia talking about the letter and Photo is me as Juliet, in rehearsal, talking about Romeo and deciding whether or not to drink the poison



Here is a photo of the headshot that I had taken during my final semester 
at San Francisco State University and another photo taken a few years after graduation.


                                    Photographer: Beau Bonneau.      Photographer: Lois Tema


Before studying Theatre at San Francisco State University, I was interested in Rocky Horror Picture Show and coordinated a troupe along with the Strand Theatre in San Francisco.  Here is a photo of the cast at the front of the line along with audience waiting to be given entrance for our show that would take place at midnight.


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