Shakespeare Sports Theatre Company is a collaborative of actors, directors, designers, and educators who adapt and present the plays of William Shakespeare. We aim to present productions that are responsive to cultural events and that we believe can be vital to understand through theatre that explores all aspects of the human experience. 

Shakespeare Sports is dedicated to and conscious of creating artistic spaces where there is representation and inclusivity for people of all lands.

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Photo Gallery and Interviews

Hamlet. 2021

Interview with Jay Michaels

Photo Credit:Michael Hagins


Photo credit Basil Rodericks

Pericles 2020

Reading during Pandemic

Interview with Jay Michaels and Rodney Hakim

Two Gentlemen of Verona. 2019

Photo credit Basil Rodericks

Tempest 2019

Photo credit Basil Rodericks

Photo credit Basil Rodericks

As You Like It 2018

Photo credit Basil Rodericks


Photo Credit: Players Theatre

Pericles: Performance Thesis Antioch University at Expanded Arts, 1999, Incorporated 

(In Photo: Carrie Isaacman, Aiko Nakasone, George Castillo)

Review and Awards

Hamlet 2021

"Founder Carrie Isaacman and director Michael Hagins have brought together a solid group of actors dedicated to presenting Shakespeare’s first folio texts in a contemporary voice." ​-Jan Ewing, Hi Drama

Pericles 2020 Online

"The cast was committed and well prepared...Ms. Isaacman and her cast have earned a very HAPPY FACE for their efforts."-Jan Ewing, Hi Drama

Hamlet 2020 Online

"Shakespeare Sports has made a brave attempt to present this well-known classic under very difficult circumstances ...The reading was well done ... As Hamlet, Matt Tiemstra needs a stage. His energy and enthusiasm was evident, and his descent into madness particularly effective ... Mr. Hagins is a good director. His cast is definitely capable."- Jan Ewing, Hi Drama

Two Gentlemen of Verona 2019​

Shakespeare Sports Theatre’s “Two Gentlemen of Verona” was a great minimalist production with actors demonstrating skill in both the language and comedic timing. Utilizing the park setting, they created a production that was definitely worth sitting in the park for." - Showtones

As You Like It 2018

'The production provided one of the most authentic performances of English Renaissance theatre we’ve ever seen, with the aforementioned scrolls not only present on the stage, but highlighted by the actors as they waited for their cues, read their lines and anticipated each others’ entrances.' -

Arts Independent Review by Robert Viegas

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In San Francisco / Bay Area:
Before I moved to NYC I was cast as Celia in As You Like It
with African American Shakespeare Company.


California Shakespeare Festival - 
Twelfth Night, Apprentice Show

After Graduation from my Undergraduate program I was cast to play Julia in Two Gentlemen of Verona directed by Kate Kennedy and the next year I was cast as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet directed by Mark Staley in Sonoma, two once in a life time roles. 
Photo 1 is of me as Julia talking about the letter and Photo is me as Juliet, in rehearsal, talking about Romeo and deciding whether or not to drink the poison



Here is a photo of the headshot that I had taken during my final semester 
at San Francisco State University and another photo taken a few years after graduation.


                                    Photographer: Beau Bonneau.      Photographer: Lois Tema


Before studying Theatre at San Francisco State University, I was interested in Rocky Horror Picture Show and coordinated a troupe along with the Strand Theatre in San Francisco.  Here is a photo of the cast at the front of the line along with audience waiting to be given entrance for our show that would take place at midnight.


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